Haga : the park and the visions

Författare: Larsson, Rikard
What would Haga Park have looked like today if Swedish King Gustav III had survived the shots at the masquerade ball on March 16, 1792? Drawings and construction plans give us some idea. The English park was the new trend in Europe and Brunnsviken's varied nature was exceptionally suitable for such a park. Let the text and images tell the fascinating story of Haga.
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What would Haga Park have looked like today if Swedish King Gustav III had survived the shots at the masquerade ball on March 16, 1792? Drawings and construction plans give us some idea. The English park was the new trend in Europe and Brunnsviken's varied nature was exceptionallysuitable for such a park. Thus, Haga was thought of as a future Venice, an oasis where water channels would flow through the landscape and the king would spend his leisure time. Take an excursion to Haga and bring the book as a guide to see history unfold as told in the book. Or stay at home and let the text and images tell the fascinating story of Haga.

Rikard Larsson is a writer, stone conservator and photographer. He was educated at the University College of Arts and the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg.

Originaltitel Haga: Parken och visionerna
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Titel Haga : the park and the visions
Författare Rikard Larsson
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